I'm coach Natalie. I didn't grow up "athletic". I didn't play sports and I was bad at everything. My fitness journey began as an adult when I wanted to drop a few pounds for vacation and wanted to win a body composition change challenge at work. I joined a gym and started with one day a week. One day turned into two, two turned into 3 until I was up to 5 days a week and loving it. After a few years with some inspiring coaches that helped changed my life, I knew I needed to be helping others find what I found.

I began coaching at TFW and became an ACE certified personal trainer. My hobbies now include anything outdoors with my 3 kids and husband and running challenging obstacle course races with friends. My passion is helping others discover a love of fitness and realizing the potential inside of you. You don't need to be "fit" to start working out. You need coaches and Familia who care about you and and will help you be the best version of you.



Hi, I’m Coach Marilyn and I joined the TFW family in July of 2016 and it was life changing. I had struggled with body image my whole adult life and, was sick and tired of getting on the scale only to step off feeling defeated. TFW taught me not to measure my success from a number on the scale. It helped me understand that cutting calories is not the answer to losing weight and building muscle is necessary for all women. Now I get to share this valuable information with others and help motivate them to a healthier lifestyle.



Tanner is one of our senior coaches here at TFW Estrella. Tanner is a natural athlete having excelled in swim 🏊🏻‍♂️ and baseball ⚾️ in high school. His natural athleticism and sports training led him to fall in love with lifting 🏋🏼 as well. He then found his way to the Coaching Team at TFW Estrella. 🏆🏆🏆
Since then his upbeat attitude, drive to excel and help others, and the smile 🤩 that seems to never fade from his face have made him a Coach that everyone adores. He may look all brawn and beauty 🤴🏼, but by day he is a full-time college student studying Cyber Security 💻.



I’m Coach Ricky. I was born with 5 heart defects leading to 2 pediatric open heart surgeries, with the heart problems came the physical restrictions as a child. I was always the chunky kid and struggled with confidence. It wasn’t until my late teens that I started working out and taking fitness into consideration and I have been hooked ever since. I am a certified pharmacy technician by night and a NASM certified personal trainer by day.



I’m Angela Perrone and I am an Accountability Coach and Weekend Warrior at TFW Estrella. I started out as an 8 week challenger in March of 2017 and TFW has changed my life! During my time at TFW, I have lost well over 100 lbs, over 60 inches and 17% body fat along with a new found confidence and self esteem.

I never miss a workout and love challenging myself and others. I have participated in many mud runs, 5k’s and a half marathon. I am in a mission to educated people of all ages, especially children, the importance of good heath, nutrition and fitness and to fight the war against obesity! I am a mother of 3 growing boys and they love to come to the dojo with me and compete in races with our group.