If you’re looking for a second family to help you build the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. You’re in the right place! The support and passion is unmatched by any gym. Get the results you have always been looking for, with the friends you didn’t know you missed. Here you will not need luck, hard work and planning provide the results. I was not a believer, but 22lbs of fat gone in 6weeks is something no one can argue.

Ashley Madaras

If you’re looking for a place to call a second home and get an AMAZING workout with coaches and other members that only push you to better yourself TFW Estrella is the place to be! Couldn’t ask to be a part of a better Familia! First time in my life I actually look forward to working out and heading into the gym!

David Hjerpe

I have been a part of TFW Estrella since since October 2016. My initial reason for joining, was to balance out my 'cocktail hours' with some exercise and more healthy choices. The coaches have introduced me to a whole new way of thinking about exercising and eating. My whole adult life has been consumed with calorie counting and cutting out foods to try to maintain the 'newest' diet fad - thanks to the 80's and 90's. I had no idea I was capable of this type of exercise and the weight lifting they introduced me to. Although I have been on a modified program from some old injuries, I am still seeing great results. In the past, I have joined gyms and had short term success, but I knew this would be different. I had finally sought out professional help to achieve my goals. No longer do I look at this as a short term transformation. Thank you to my coaches for the education to better health, every day!

Marilyn Komm

TFW has changed my life in so many amazing ways since joining in Oct of 2017, first is the fact that my self confidence has gone thru the roof and let me tell you that is huge for me, I have crazy amounts of energy, I make better food choice I drink more water in 1 day then I use to in a week, I am literally addicted to exercise and working out now and I owe all this to the amazing coaches at TFW.. The best part is I have gained this truly amazing familia that has supported me and cheered me thru this journey and I love each and everyone of you!! #bettereveryday #initforlife

Timberly Orlando

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