At TFW Estrella, we believe in only the highest standards of physical fitness training and have been a leading facility since 2016. Our staff members at TFW Estrella are actively enriching the lives of our members and creating a community of like-minded people who love being healthy and strong. Getting you in shape is our goal. Learn more about our programs.


Start Your Path To Great Health

Work on building strength or losing weight, it all happens at TFW Estrella. We are committed to being a gym for everybody. Drop in for a quick workout or join us as a member. We offer a selection of affordable options for you to come in and enjoy our clean, fully-equipped facility and assistance from our professional training staff. We offer a variety of sessions M-St from 5am to 8pm to fit any schedule.

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Heavy Weights


Want to lift heavy and build some serious muscle? Our Power Building Program is small group personal training sessions (max 5 students per class). We focus specifically on lifting heavy and building muscles. You'll get personalized attention from a coach, nutritional support and a custom tracking system to measure your growth. 
Class sizes are extremely limited. Book a consult today to see if this program is a good fit for you!


Precision Nutrition offers a sustainable, habit-based approach to losing fat, building strength, and getting healthy. Validated in multiple peer-reviewed studies, this personalized, evidence-based program—available through Precision Nutrition Coaching for Men and Women—has helped more than 100,000 people improve their nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. If you'd like more information on this program, contact us today!